Adding to Food Security

Corn was harvesting recently, ground on the farm right after harvest, then dried. After it was dried the bags were weighed. A significant 2.11 tons of corn was taken to the marketplace to be sold to consumers to make flour. Food insecurity is at an all time high. Planting for Hope and Future is making a significant difference to reduce this ugly fact by growing/harvesting/ and bringing more food to the marketplace. Locally grown food is less expensive than imported food. Now it is reported by the World Food Program that 50% of the food sold at the local markets in Haiti is imported. The food that is grown on the 11.5 acres of farmland are making an impact, with 13 crops presently being grown. Even though many fruit trees have been planted on several of the farms, which will take a few years to mature, cover crops are being planted in between the rows to make a significant difference. The cover crops are enriching the soil, and only take three months to mature and harvest.

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