Grafting – The process begins

Grafting – The process begins

A grafting specialist has been hired to graft 900 mango trees on two Planting for Hope and Future (PHF) farms. This process is done as skillfully as a surgeon repairs a broken bone. With careful hands the seedling is cut into and a branch is applied to the seedling. Then the two connected branches are wrapped carefully. forming a bond with the parent plant. Once the graft takes, the mango tree will begin to grow more vigorously, will be more disease=resistant and more fruit will be produced. The graft will take three to eight weeks to heal. Fruit can appear in one to three years, with production at a good rate in three.

Fruit trees will be a tremendous asset to SW Haiti. Since the horrendous Hurricane Matthew ripped through this area of Haiti,in October 2016, with 90% of all crops wiped out,, locally grown fruit has been hard to find. Since the mangos will be able to bear fruit at a faster rate after they have been grafted, PHF will be able to supply the markets with fresh fruit once again.


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