The goal of Harvesting 4 Haiti Foundation (H4H) is to help Haitian agriculture initiatives become self-sustaining by providing financial and business assistance, thereby reducing poverty through long-term development.

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Our goal is to help reduce poverty by assisting a Haitian agriculture initiative with financial and business resources until they have become self-sustaining.

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We are helping Planting for Hope and Future (PHF). They develop rural farms to bring jobs and food security to the people. Currently, six farms with 3000 fruit trees are operational.

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The plan is to increase the production of existing farms enough to become self-sustaining and independent.


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Increasing productivity with progressive farming techniques is key to the plan of achieving self-sustainability. Once enough farms are in full production, the vision will become a reality.

Careful planning by Planting for Hope and Future is done for each variety of crop. Perennials that continue to produce year after year are the primary consideration for cost-effective production.

Since the beginning of this project, thirteen different varieties of crops have been taken to the local marketplace. Providing fresh, nutritious and affordable food to a food-insecure population.


People are excited to invest in something that will make a long-lasting impact.“  Simply increasing aid is not enough. Investment must be made with the national Haitians working to pull themselves out of poverty with dignity.” Frantz Dorcel Ady, Founder and Executive Director of Planting for Hope and Future (PHF) – The Haitian team Harvesting 4 Haiti is currently assisting.


We want to thank all of those who have joined with us throughout the years to empower others to become more independent by helping to create self-sustainable agriculture initiatives in Haiti. Even with the many challenges, much has been accomplished, and all of the help we have received has driven us closer to the goal. Some gifts have been from children, giving from the bottom of their hearts and piggy banks, some have been from single parents giving a “widows mite,” some have been one-time donors who have helped to move this project forward, and some have given monthly, showing overwhelming trust in this project. We also want to acknowledge our H4H Board Members, who give of their time, expertise, and financial assets to make this project successful. Below are a few of the donors that have helped this project become what it is today… seven farms, growing trees that feed, farms that are encouraging organic farming, growing nutrient-rich produce, with many families depending on the employment that this project provides. THANK YOU ONE AND ALL!

Epworth United Methodist Church

Epworth United Methodist Church, located in Toledo, Ohio, is a church dedicated to reaching out to the community and globally by contributing to those less fortunate. They have been involved with the Harvesting 4 Haiti (H4H) initiative from the very beginning. Even before H4H became a 501(c)(3), EUMC sent funds to help purchase the first drip irrigation system for the Haitian agriculture organization, Planting for Hope and Future (PHF). This gift helped to establish new agricultural technology in Haiti. They have frequently hosted the men of PHF visiting from Haiti reporting to the Epworth Mission Committee and congregation to report on the progress of the farms. They have provided financial assistance on an annual basis, even under very extenuating circumstances such as COVID-19. We are extremely indebted to their continued dedication, trust, and financial gifts to this project.

The Andersons Inc. (originally family-owned) is a large, philanthropic agriculture business in Toledo, Ohio, devoted to helping others less fortunate. In their mission statement, The Andersons Inc. pledges to “support our communities,” which they have consistently done. H4H was the first international foundation The Andersons Inc. had enough faith in to approve and allocate funds to help support. They understand the importance of farming in developing nations and wanted to extend a helping hand to initiatives whose purpose is to create a self-sustaining agriculture business. We are extremely humbled and honored for their annual gifts, even under extenuating circumstances such as COVID-19.

City on a Hill, a church located in the Toledo, Ohio area, learned about H4H several years ago and was motivated by the philosophy of investing in an agriculture initiative that provides jobs in a poverty-stricken area, food to the food insecure, and will eventually become independent from all outside help. They understand and wanted to participate in these important ingredients to overcome poverty. Every month City on a Hill has donated to this cause. We are very grateful for their trust and faith in this initiative.

Grandview United Methodist Church

Grandview United Methodist Church, Winfield, Kansas, has had a long history of working in Haiti. They became interested in H4H, first hearing about it through team members of the Haitian agriculture team, Planting for Hope and Future (PHF). GUMC has created fundraisers for H4H, hosted some of the members of PHF to tell of their progress on the farms, and has created huge interest with the people in the Winfield, Kansas- area. We are very grateful for their support of H4H through 2022 and owe them great deal.

Bower Hill Community Church

Bower Hill Community Church located in Pittsburg, PA., is our newest partner. They have had projects in Haiti serving Special Projects Haiti Water Project and found out about the Harvesting 4 Haiti Foundation (H4H) farm project in the summer of 2020. Being interested and involved with water projects in Haiti, members wanted to reach out to H4H to help us create a much-needed irrigation system to save the fruit trees from devastating droughts occurring more and more due to climate change. Since our first introduction, Bower Hill Community Church has been helping H4H purchase this much-needed system and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.


HELO Haiti is a Christian orphanage and school in SW Haiti co-owned by Elisabeth Kennedy from Connecticut. We have traveled to Haiti with Mrs. Kennedy and her teams since 2014. We visit the orphanage every year with Mrs. Kennedy as our guide and have found it to be a very rewarding experience. The men of Planting for Hope and Future (PHF) have provided agriculture classes at the school, and have mentored one of HELO’s own, a very passionate, skilled young agronomist. Encouraging the Haitian youth in agriculture is something PHF feels strongly about, and collaborating with HELO helps H4H and PHF to continue these efforts. We are very grateful to Mrs. Kennedy and her team for their help each year and for providing us the opportunity to meet with the HELO children who spread their love to everyone and their enthusiasm and energy to learn with all who encounter them.

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