Fighting hunger/ fighting malnutrition

It is no secret that the Haitian government has not helped the small farmers grow the crops necessary to bring more fresh/healthy produce to the food insecure. Farmers are the people who, if given the chance, can not only help to decrease malnutrition, but by growing more, could help decrease inflation and increase the economic growth of the country. It is known in the scientific community that by increasing the productivity and accessibility of nutritious food it will attack hunger, poverty, and improve the health status of the poor. The availability of these foods will help to counteract malnutrition, which is one of the leading causes of death in developing nations, especially in children.

The Haitian agriculture team, Planting for Hope and Future (PHF), is working hard to make it a priority to grow healthy foods that counteract malnutrition, such as growing black beans and other legumes to make them available at the marketplace. More needs to be done. If this country is to come back economically, agriculture is one of the most important ways to do it.

Black beans and other legumes contain important vitamins like protein to add to the diet. They make great ground cover because they have the securing nitrogen to the soil. Harvesting 4 Haiti is looking forward to going to Haiti to introduce a grinder machine that will grind black beans into flour. This flour will be distributed to designated orphanages to test for the likability. White flour is imported and expensive and adds no nutritional value to the diet. If black bean flour can be accepted by children, and adults it will be less expensive and add significant protein to their diets. The grinder is an affordable machine, powered by a bicycle, not expensive gas, and easy to build. So these little black beauties are a win win!

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